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Outbound Lead Generation

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Lead Generation Services


Peacey Systems has been providing vital prospecting, helping Small, Medium and Large Corporations, to achieve new levels within their revenue requirements.


The following Service Plan is the Proposal of our services.


Fully Managed Services: (Included in all call programs)


            Assigned Account Manager/Project Manager

            All Prospecting and Calling Lists Provided

            Weekly Sales Meetings

            Weekly Call Reports

            Your Choice of Male or Female Callers or Both

            No Hidden Service Charges, Phone Bills or Set-Up Fees

            30 Day Project Engagement


Training Methodology: (Included all call programs)


            Provide Valuable Marketing Materials to Peacey Systems prior to Project Kick Off

            Day One Training   One to Two hour session training your sales team

            Day after Training – Script built, Lists pulled, 800# and email configured

            First 3 Days of Calling - Testing scripts, Objections and General Ramp Up

            Day Two Training - Feed Back to Client First Week Findings

            Continuation – Continued weekly meetings refining and discussing successes


Lead Classification: (Included in all call programs)


            A Lead = Immediate Business at Hand/Hot Hand Off – Appointment Set

            B Lead = Business Expected with in 15 to 30 Days

Client can provide Peacey Systems with a CRM Login of their choice           

            Client may not have a CRM, so reports & tracking provided via MS Excel


Call Programs:  20 to 25 calls per hour based on Excel Template, CRM’s may reduce this to approximately 15 calls per hour.


1)      $2,500/month;   80            hours per Month; 4 hours per day/ Monday – Friday

2)      $3,000/month; 100            hours per Month; 5 hours per day/ Monday – Friday

3)      $3,500/month; 120            hours per Month; 6 hours per day/ Monday – Friday

4)      $4,000/month; 140            hours per Month; 7 hours per day/ Monday – Friday

5)      $4,500/month; 160            hours per Month; 8 hours per day/ Monday – Friday