As you begin your project Peacey Systems will be assigning a project manager with advanced management skills and tools so you will get better results in building your work flow.

However, this initial plan is not enough for continued success. We must continually improve the existing processes and project management over time and with routine operations calls, communication, understanding human nature, and working across organizational lines. Of course there will be new challenges the more you lead successful projects.

You will need to take a deeper dive into current project management standards and learn to use more sophisticated tools including custom and publicly available work force and project management tools. All of this can be overwhelming on top of your many responsibilities and priorities, our project managers are here to help every step of the way.

Our team helps you hone your organizational skills, communicate even more effectively, avoid major project pitfalls, and work with others to meet project deadlines and objectives.

Our Project managers help build on your fundamental knowledge and expand your capacity to balance day-to-day work and these special assignments.:

  • Recognize the “business problem” before the project begins
  • Organize tasks easily into logical groups of activities
  • Create a project plan to guide all your efforts
  • “Manage” your project “team” even if you don’t have one
  • Keep critical stakeholders informed and involved
  • Track progress and recognize quickly when things are slipping
  • Lead effective project meetings
  • Demonstrate successful project completion
  • Apply lessons learned to the next project.
  • Hone organizational skills
  • Communicate even more effectively
  • Avoid major project pitfalls
  • Meet project objectives; Bring in projects on time, on budget, & on target

Project Management Planning Outline:

  • Context for Project Management
    •  What are projects and where do they fit?
    • Project success factors and pitfalls
    •  What Are Your Strengths and Challenges Managing Projects?
    •  Where do PM Standards Come From?
    •  Project Life Cycle
  • Hone Organizational Skills
    • Skills to Lead Project Successfully
    • Skills to Manage Project Successfully
    • Managing Time Proactively
  • Project Initiation
    • Articulate project Business Problem
    • Make the Business Case:
    • Perform Stakeholder analysis
  • Planning and Scheduling
    • Elicit Requirements
    • Communicate and manage conflict effectively
    • Analyze scope, constraints, assumptions
    • Create Work Breakdown Structure and tactical plan
    • Sequence activities optimally with Logic Diagram
    • Manage the Critical Path
    • Schedule, assign responsibility, and track
  • Cost Management
    • Estimate Costs
    • Define budget and tracking
  • Risk Management
    • Define risks, qualitatively and quantitatively
    • Use SWOT Analysis
    • Develop Risk Impact Matrix
    • Track and manage Risk; Escalate Risk Proactively
  • Human Resource and Communication Plan
    • Develop Role and Responsibility Plan; Create RACI diagram
    • Create Staffing Management Plan
    • Define Project Team structure
    • Develop Management Communications Plan
    • Create Training Plan
  • Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
    • Define What and how to monitor; scope, schedule, cost, quality
    • Capture actual results for scope, schedule, cost, quality
    • Conduct Project Reviews
  • Project Closure
    • Capture Best Practices
  • Apply Lessons Learned for continuous improvement
  • Establish 24×7 support policies, procedures and escalation matrix

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