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How Wi-Fi Advertising and Network Advertising work with Ultramercial
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Ultramercial is the bridge between FREE and FEE that solves the viewer retention problems associated with putting up a paywall. If you are considering a paywall, you will want to evaluate our model before you make the move.With over 12 years of experience in monetizing premium content, we bring a proven model that has been embraced by dozens of Tier One web properties who have run Ultramercial ad units for over 175 top US brands.View our Publisher Demo below. Join our growing networkWe are actively seeking web partners who are looking to monetize their compelling content, regardless of whether it is currently part of a paid program.Our proprietary code and business model are available through fully integrated partnerships or licensing.

Some Applications of an Ultramercial:

  • TV - Offer TV service or Premium TV service advertising supported or paid
  • Movies -  advertising supported or paid
  • Mobile - advertising supported or paid
  • WiFi -  advertising supported or paid
  • Newspapers - advertising supported or paid
  • Surveys - advertising supported or paid
  • Phone calls - advertising supported or paid
  • Apps: Display your apps to your users instead of paid access
  • Custom Ultramercial developed about your individual location

Four methods:

1) The Ultramercial: Watch a custom Ultramercial
2) Ad Insertion
3) Transparent Content bridge

2. Example of a third party national ad
3) An example of Ad Insertion
Banner Example:
Dynamic Hover Layer Example:
Watermark Example:
4) Transparent Ad Replacement
Example 1:  Un-Modified HTML - Notice the Ad with a gold arrow pointed to it, then compare to Example 2
Example 2: Notice the original Ad has been replaced by your revenue ad - in other words, now without affecting user experience you are getting paid on every page
What is Ultramercial - Tracking your Wi-Fi Advertising Results

100% Opt-In
Ultramercial offers a guaranteed view. You only pay when your ad plays. And the viewer chooses to watch. Their responses to your prompts within each Ultramercial is more than proof of viewing - it's valuable marketing data.

:: Value Exchange
Ultramercial repositions advertisers as the "good guys" who enable viewers to access pay content for free.

:: Two-Way Interact
Ultramercial ads are visually impactfull,  offer full interactivity, large size video, roll-overs, optional navigation inside the ad, giving the user the opportunity to deeply engage with the brand. All the activities can be tracked.

:: Full-Screen
Maximizing the media buy - By integrating Ultramercials into the rest of a publisher's media offering, advertisers achieve a level of "ownership" of that site unequalled anywhere else. It creates a wrap-around experience for viewers.

:: Extensive Reporting stats
Ultramercial offers extensive reporting data, including:
Time Spent
Click Throughs
User Profile
Mouse Actions
Completion Rate
Data Mining

Clients have the choice of logging into their secure reporting page or receiving reports by email during the entire active phase of their campaign.

Advertisers can also collect email addresses from their viewers sent to them in real-time, daily, or at milestones in the campaign.

The reports themselves are designed to be easy to read and highly functional, making Ultramercial the preferred choice of advertisers because of the reporting capability.

Campaign options, such as reach and frequency quotas, are built right in, as are targeting options like geographical IP addresses, time-of-day and day-of-week, and viewer editorial content selections.

:: Dialogue with Customer
Ultramercial has a team of developers, graphic designers, client services and sales talents that provide full assistance along the entire process, from creating the campaigns to reporting.

:: Access to Creative Team
Clients have full access to our interactive design team.

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Wi-Fi Advertising and Network Advertising

The Ad Model Ultramercial LLC developed it's own ad model with the same name. We refer to it as the Ultramercial format or the Ultramercial ad units.The patented format consists of two-way interactive, full-page ads that are always served in exchange for premium content or services. In other words, users watch our ad to get free content that would otherwise cost money. This is a micro-payment system based on engagement that protects the value of content. Everybody wins.

Ultramercial’s format is built around natural human behavior. The model has been socially-engineered to reposition advertisers as direct providers of free premium content and services.

Viewers explicitly see that 30 seconds of their attention has significant and immediate value. The true role of the advertiser comes shining through.From this unique key positioning comes dramatically different viewer behavior.

Gallery of Ultramercials:

Hotel Ultramercial:

Mall Ultramercial example :

Free Hotspot example:

Example Daily Email Activity Report: Report

Find out how we can bring deep learning and research to your marketing plans.
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