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Company OverviewMushroom Networks, Incorporated, is a San Diego, California-based company with the mission to provide innovative networking solutions. Our products and services are focused on a range of networking solutions for enterprises and small/medium sized businesses in various industries. Our solutions bridge the technology gap to the future by enabling applications today, that are otherwise not possible. Mushroom Networks was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). The leadership team has over 70 years of collective cutting edge research and development experience in the networking field, and has management experiences at a wide array of companies from small and large technology enterprises to venture capital. 

Mushroom Networks’ products are based on the unique and patent pending Broadband Bonding® technology developed by our engineering team through extensive research and development.

Peacey Systems has been distributing Mushroom Networks products since 2007. Please click here for the most complete Mushroom Networks document bundle for