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Cymphonix makes the Internet run better.

   Crucial data runs more freely
    Critical applications perform better
    Organizational productivity increases because the user experience is better
    Cloud and hosted services bottlenecks are resolved and averted
    You get more out of your bandwidth investment
    You get fewer complaints and more accolades

In short, we make your organization better and your job easier by improving the performance of a very critical resource: The Internet.

What We Do
Cymphonix exists to make the Internet experience better. We admit, it’s a lofty goal, but it’s a goal that we’re already helping thousands of organizations around the world achieve.

A decade ago, a rapidly growing regional ISP wanted to improve their customers’ Internet experience. So they set about developing a method to easily identify and analyze the traffic crossing their Internet circuits. Doing so gave them a good picture of the performance of their circuits and better allowed them to guarantee their SLAs.

Problem was, many customers kept experiencing sluggish connections, even though they were getting their full allocation of bandwidth. That’s when the ISP realized that the end user experience wouldn’t improve until complete clarity and control into all Internet traffic happened on their customers’ end of the network.

So, the ISP took their proprietary software, added it to a custom-designed, high-performing network appliance, gave it to the customers experiencing sluggish performance, and those customers immediately became happy customers. Why? Because they could see and control everything. They now knew who their dominant users were, what kind of web activity was happening, and what threats they faced. And most importantly, they had a tool to control those users, activities, threats, and more.

They could see what was causing network problems and easily do something about it.

Cymphonix was born, and ever since has been helping organizations of all types and sizes get a better performing Internet.

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