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ANTlabs InnGate 3

Product Data Sheet

Feature List

Plug and Play Zero-configuration Networking Reporting Features

- Supports both static and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses - Real-time reporting on authenticated guest

- Adaptive Domain Name Services (DNS) support - Real-time reporting on detected devices

- Transparent Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) support - Guest access logging

- Transparent web proxy support - Device access logging

- Application NAT support (VPN, SIP, RSTP, MMS, H323) - Web-page access logging

- Exportable logs

Multiple Authentication and Billing

- Complimentary Access Security Features

- User ID and Password Authentication (Local Accounts) - URL / Content Filtering

- Access Codes Authentication (Local Accounts) - Access Control to Web Administration GUI

- PMS Authentication and Billing - MAC-based blacklist

- Credit Card Authentication and Billing - Anti-Spam features

( Worldpay,, Payflow Pro, Payflow Link ) - Anti-DoS features

- MAC-level authentication for non-HTTP devices - DoS event alerts

- Configurable Plan-based Firewall

Concurrent / Multiple Business Model Support

- 802.1Q VLAN security

- Unlimited Duration and Volume - Web session rate limit

- Fixed Duration

- Stored Duration

System Administration Features

- Stored Volume – 2 modes (logout, throttled) - Secure HTTPS connection to Administrator page

- Two tier Console CLI support

PMS support - Configurable Tiered Access for Web Administration

- TCP /IP : Fidelio / Opera - Admin Access Audit Logs

- Serial : Fidelio / Opera, FCS, Jurudata, Votech, HIS, Hobic,

RoomMaster, Comanche, Brilliant, Prologic, Comtrol, Protel

System Management Features

- SNMPv2 Support

Guest Management Features - Network Time Protocol (NTP) server support

- Auto Logout of inactive guests - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server

- Forced Logout of guests - Configurable DHCP Server / Relay support

- Departed Device Detection and Logout - Remote Syslog Support

- Bandwidth Rate Limit - User Provisioned Routable Public IP address for clients

- Concurrent login sessions per subscriber account - External HTTP Web Proxy support

- Location specific login concurrency limit - Remote edge device (switches / hubs / access points)


- Multiple IP for Network Address Port Translation (NAPT)

Guest Content Features - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate management

- HTTP / HTTPS / IP Walled-garden

- Email Login Reminder

Reliability Features

- PDA / PDA-phone friendly - High Availability Offering (Active-standby)

- Location / VLAN-based content delivery - Configuration Backup and Restore Function

- Unique login pages for separate locations

(Login / Login-Success / Logout)

             ANTLabs Distributed Deployment Diagram
ANTLabs Fully Centralized Deployment Diagram

Latest News

New InnGate 3.10 brings you better service, 24/7

ANTlabs and Peacey Systems are pleased to announce that there is a new and better InnGate will be launched on March 1, 2013

InnGate 3.10 comes with enhanced 24/7 and next business day support*

ANTlabs is the first global gateway vendor to offer 24x7 phone/email and next business day*support that only Telcos usually have access to. Now, whether you are a 5-star hotel operator, a small café owner or a healthcare center that offers Internet access to guests, you will get the peace of mind in knowing that you have premium support. Not only that, InnGate 3.10 comes with a next business day on-site servicing for selected countries.

With 24x7 support, no matter which time zone you belong to, you’d be assured that our support team would be there to assist you. 

What has changed since the last InnGate?

  • Online License Activation
  • Online Module Activation
  • Online Patching
  • USB Recovery Media
  • Default Modules for E & G Series
  • New EULA & New Support Scheme

* Selected countries only. For more information, please view our InnGate 3.10 Product Data Sheet and FAQ.

Introducing: InnGate 3.10 E-200 series

The new InnGate 3.10 E200-series is a full-featured gateway that caters to smaller hotels, healthcare facilities, clinics or other small to medium sized visitor-based networks. With E200-series, you need not spend a lot to enjoy features that only gateways for bigger networks usually have. You can have plug-and-play zero configuration, multiple authentication and billing, traffic management, exceptional reliability and almost all of InnGate E-Series features* at a lesser, reasonable cost.


InnGate 3.10 will be available starting March 1, 2013. 

Please contact   1 888 490 3773

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ANTLabs Manufacturer Support # Please call +65 6100 7877

Prior to calling please ensure your gateway is covered by a valid support contract.

Product Chart ANTLabsFeature List  
Hardware Intel-based
OS Unix-based
Ethernet Card Gigabit
Zero Configuration Networking  
No client software required
Static IP support
Transparent Web Proxy
Support for any proxy port
Transparent SMTP
Transparent DNS
Multiple Portal Support  
Unlimited Built-in Portal Support
External Portal Support
Multiple Authentication and Billing  
Complimentary Access
Access Code Authentication
User ID and Password Authentication
PMS Authentication and Billing
  FCS (WinSuite)
Jurudata (WinPac)
InnQuest (RoomMaster 2000)
HOBIC (LANMark, Egress, Galaxy)
Micros Fidelio (2 way, TCP/IP)
Softbrands (Epitome)
Votech (NetRetriver)
Brilliant Hotel Software (PM Pro)
Protel (MPE, SQL, Smart)
Comanche (Front Office)
Prologic First (Wish)
Comtrol Lodging Link

Credit Card Authentication and Billing
Paypal Payflow Pro
Paypal Payflow Link

Radius Authentication
Radius Proxy Support
WISPr Support

MAC authentication for non-HTTP devices
Account Printer Support
Wireless Roaming and relogin support
Concurrent Business Model Support  
> Fixed Duration
> Stored Duration
> Stored Volume
Enhanced Security  
802.1Q VLAN security
URL / Content Filtering
Firewall between downstream clients
P2P Control (Fair use rate-limit)
> Fair use rate limit
> Application Level rate limit
Built-in SSL support
MAC based filtering / blacklist
Dos Events alerts
Configurable Plan based Firewall
IP-based access control to Web Administration
Subscriber / Content Management  
Location specific content delivery before and after authentication
PDA friendly
Customizable login pages for separate locations
Allows built-in portal development
Email reminder for authentication
Email forwarding to fixed SMTP
Web Walled Garden / Passthrough
(based on URL)

> IP Address (Global)
> IP Address (VLAN sepcific)
User provisioned public IP
Bandwidth rate limiting
Report Generation and Accounting  
Real time device monitor
(detected and logged-in users)

Historical device logs
Real time authenticated guest monitor
Historical authenticate guest logs
Appliance status
Remote syslog support
Accounting based on user login, logout and expiry
Automatic logout upon network disconnect
(15sec - 3min)

Configurable Idle logout
Unlimited multi-level web-based administration
User Configurable administration group
Allows remote administration
Remote monitoring of downstream devices
Policy, logs and configuration duplication
Command-line Menu Interface
Support downstream device adminstration
SNMP support

Local Storage of Logs
Automatic log maintenance and backup
Automatic user account maintenance
Configurable private and public DHCP pool
Memory-mapped state information
Backup and restore functions
High Availability and Fail-over
OS independent
VPN support
> Through NAPT

> Using public IP
> Public IP on Demand