Working with your team and after a careful review of current networking systems and documentation our engineers will recommend high-performance network infrastructure that helps businesses create a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. Even if your team has never worked on a particular system, our engineers will remotely guide you through the implementation and ongoing support of the unit. Our goal is to capitalize on opportunities to innovate, grow and strengthen your network infrastructure and support. We work with your business and answer the challenge of complicated, legacy networks with high-performance, open, flexible solutions that enable:

Consolidation and delivery of services and applications across highly distributed environments to ensure consistent accessibility from anywhere at any time

Rapid deployment and scaling of new services and applications to support evolving business demands

Protection and recovery of services and applications against business risks and sophisticated threats

Operational improvements to help reduce administrative, training, customer care and other costs


Account Management:

Our OSS enables the powerful and convenient management of your end users and their data within one system. Our OSS system provides:

• The ability to manage and communicate with end users based on multiple criteria (i.e. organizational units, service plans, etc.)

• Customizable administrative access rights based on assignable permissions

• The ability to add, remove and modify services and account information

• Customer care components for basic end user troubleshooting (i.e. trouble tickets, account history, etc.)

• An end user web interface into the OSS to allow self management

Billing & Transaction Processing

Our real-time rating and billing module enables you to:

• Support multiple business rules

• Create innovative pricing schemes, discounts, and promotions to seize revenue opportunities

• Introduce new IP-based applications without having to introduce a new billing system

• Support one-off charges as well as recurring charges

• Maintain tight integration between provisioned services and billing charges

• Integrate with multi-level, multi-jurisdiction tax tables (CCH)

• Produce NEBs-compliant statements and invoices

• Create your own billing cycles

• Control collections

API (Application Programming Interface)

The API is a transactional interface that allows you to integrate your existing systems with our OSS. The API gives you the power to leverage our OSS capabilities (i.e. provisioning, authentication, applications, etc.) while still maintaining control of your existing technology. This automated integration also enables you to benefit from our continued development of new features and applications.

• Our API uses a combination of industry standards and protocols (XML, HTTPS, etc.)

• The interface is implemented in a client/server model

• The API Client is an application developed by you or a third-party vendor to interact with our API Server

• Network communications are facilitated via the secure http (https) protocol over TCP/IP