Secure & reliable Internet access for hotels and properties of all sizes

Deploying quality Guest Internet Access has never been easier.

Today’s media-rich Internet is putting ever-increasing demand on broadband networks. A lot of people these days are now used to working remotely–‘Work From Anywhere‘ is now the norm. With this reality, business travelers now expect fast Internet connectivity just like what they have at home or in their office, as more people are relying on teleconferencing as a regular part of their business processes wherever they may be.

Can you offer both free and paid Internet services, tailored for all kinds of users, with full assurance that the paying ones get their money’s worth in quality of service? These users are also carrying multiple bandwidth-hogging devices, and expecting a lot from their WiFi service.

In today’s fast adaptation of Work From Anywhere, the need to create a mini-office environment within the hotel room may become a common occurrence. Can you create this mini-office environment by connecting all these devices securely, for sharing private content and bandwidth control? NO problem with our Personal LAN (Local Area Network or PAN) feature. The PAN feature also supports content casting easily, so there is no need to buy additional expensive equipment for each room just so your guests can use their own consoles, and enjoy TV subscriptions from their devices. Finally, PAN maintains guests’ privacy by shielding their devices from other guests’ devices outside the PAN.

Traditionally, to create such a private network for each guest involves creating numerous SSIDs for each location, and providing multiple Internet links for each IoT device type.   Both commonly used methods neither address privacy concerns, nor are they cost effective. Guests can still see other devices on the network and the reality is, not all guests are Internet security-conscious enough to safeguard their own devices before connecting to public networks. With PAN, you are able give a multitude of users their own private networks, where they can manage their personal devices on their own during their stay.

Manage your complex bandwidth allocation through IG 4’s Advanced QoS features:  achieve fair-sharing of bandwidth among users, maximize bandwidth utilization, create differentiated class of services for different group of users and prevent bandwidth starvation by P2P and rogue applications.

Create your own free and paid tiers from the IG 4’s built-in Internet service plans, and integrate your own custom systems through its API if needed. Then offer guests immediate connectivity using a one-touch account slip printer that interfaces with Property Management Systems for billing without staff intervention. ANTlabs gateways supports more than 30 Property Management Systems and we continue to add more to the list so whether your hotel prefers a particular brand, it would most likely be supported by our gateways.

User form authentication is also an option if you want to collect survey responses, ask for declarations, or comply with contact tracing requirements.

Optimize or Monetize existing Internet services.

Maximize limited bandwidth, improving
the Internet experience.

The ANTlabs IG 4 enables you to give guests high-speed WiFi that they will pay for.