Flat Rate Front Desk Services

Peacey Systems Front Desk Agent
Peacey Systems Front Desk Agent

Peacey Systems specializes in the following hotel industry services

  1. PBX Internal Calls
  2. Social Media Monitoring
  3. Text Messaging
  4. Wake Up Call Management
  5. Room Service Order Taking
  6. Restaurant Reservations
  7. Hotel Reservations
  8. Housekeeping & Maintenance ticket dispatch
  9. Parking Valet dispatch

Live White Glove Service Team

Let Peacey Systems handle all the call traffic in your hotel by providing remote U.S. PBX operators. Customized Guest interaction plan unique to your Hotel. All calls are both recorded and reviewed by our dedicated call review team to improve guest experience and best practices.

We guarantee a substantial financial saving compared to in-house operators, and guarantee increased guest face-time for front desks, while maintaining a 5-star service tailored to your hotel’s needs. 

We offer 4 different service levels:

  1. Budget,
  2. Basic,
  3. Standard and
  4. Premium

Please see our price list for a breakdown of items and pricing for each service level.

Voice operators handle, but are not limited to:

  1. Internal and/or External PBX Call Dispatch
  2. Guest services liaison
  3. CRM/ticket dispatch
  4. Wake Up Call Input and dispatch
  5. Folio requests
  6. Parking valet
  7. Restaurant reservations
  8. Room service orders
  9. Two-Way Radio Airport Pickup
  10. Call Analytics

How It Works

  1. You customize what we say on the phone (“Absolutely it is my pleasure to connect you,” “May I place you on a brief hold?”).
  2. Our operators will know everything about your hotel through our content management system.
  3. Our operators answer calls within 3 rings and have hold times of less than 30 seconds.
  4. Every call is recorded and can be provided to your hotel upon request. We provide accountability of your staff and ours.
  5. Our quality control team listens to calls throughout the day, giving feedback to each operator.

No more worrying about staffing turnovers, illness or tardiness—and you save money.

 *Above varies based on Service Level

 Our operators know the ins and outs of your hotel

Our Staff

  1. are up-to date with all the latest hotel developments
  2. use correct verbiage at all times (Saying “OK” is not OK, but “Absolutely” is an absolute must)
  3. are familiar with the most frequently asked (and strangest) requests
  4. know how to handle emergency situations
  5. are confident in relating to guests input engineering and housekeeping requests into the maintenance ticket dispatch system correctly and efficiently
  6. are directing guests to the correct hotel department
  7. take room service orders and delivery requests
  8. take restaurant reservations as required
  9. liase with the valet appropriately

 A full set of reports are available 24/7 for review, which include:

  1. answer time
  2. fail over calls
  3. call transfer information
  4. call location (outside/inside the hotel)
  5. breakdown per area code
  6. number of calls per day for the same room
  7. average call length
  8. number of calls per hour to work out peak times of day

 *Above varies based on Service Level

Platforms We’ve Worked With

  1. Opera
  2. Hotel Expert
  3. HotSOS
  4. Intelity Ice
  5. Service Pro

If your PMS or CRM Ticketing System is not above, it simply takes a username and password for our operators to have access. It’s that simple. .


Work from Home vs. Work from our Offices

We have the technology for operators to work from remote locations. Each operator has the capability to chat with one another in real time on their operator panel.

Hotels can listen into calls in real time and pull their statistical reports whenever needed.

Get started! Contact us today to schedule a full demo! sales@peaceysystems.com