Peacey Systems supports multiple types of on cloud and legacy on premise solutions for our partners.

Cloud Voice 24×7 Support

Peacey Systems provides support for many Cloud Voice PBX systems 24×7

Example Troubleshooting 

Guest Room phone no dial tone

  • Validate that in room cord and phone hardware are operational by testing with a known working phone and phone cable
  • Restart FXS analog gateway
  • Confirm port does not show off hook on the gateway (solid light on front of gateway port)
  • If port shows off hook after reboot or there is no dial tone after 5 minutes- tech dispatch is required

Guest Room unable to place outside call from the hotel

  • Confirm extension is activated in CWP
  • Confirm extension has external calling permissions
  • Verify number guest is dialing in CWP
  • Escalate if problem is still experienced after performing the above steps

Guest not receiving wakeup call

  • Review CWP wakeup call report
  • If the above was correct validate phone in guest room is operational and set a test wakeup call for this guest room once guest is checked out
  • If guest room is still unable to receive wake up calls escalate

Guest Room MWI light will not turn off

  • Verify guest room voicemail box does not have any unheard messages
  • Leave a test voicemail message and delete to see if light remains on
  • If light is still on try swapping guest room phone to ensure hardware is not defective
  • Restart FXS analog gateway
  • If problem persists escalate

Guest unable to check voicemail  confirm if guest is using a speed dial key

  • If using a speed dial key have them direct dial voicemail by *86
  • If still unable to access voicemail escalate

Note manual programing of a speed dial key on the phone may need to take place as well

Other guest room speed dial keys not working

  • Verify by the call list in CWP what the buttons are dialing
  • Manually correct on phone or escalate to TS if PBX adjustments are required

Single Admin Phone no dial tone

  • Confirm if problem is only experienced on handset speaker or both
  • If only on handset ensure cord is connected to correct port on phone and that handset is not defective
  • If only speaker, speaker phone may be defective
  • If on both and you receive a “URL calling is disabled” message try restarting the phone
  • After restart if problem persists ensure phone is not defective by testing phone and cable in a working location

Note if phone functions in alternative location a tech dispatch is recommended to validate the network jack, cable run and switch port connectivity.

All Admin Phones receive message “URL calling is disabled”

  • Verify all equipment has power / is on
  • Restart DSLAM switch that phones are connected to

if problem persists escalate

All admin phones have no power

  • Verify DSLAM switch has power and all cables are properly connected

Problems completing outbound calls [operator intercept error messages etc.]

  • Confirm date / time of call and problem experienced and escalate, note information may be no older then 24 hours for upstream carriers to review

PMS interface is down

  • Restart PMS interface on property interface server or contact PMS vendor for assistance
  • If property is using iPockets, ensure devices have power

Typical Hosted PBX (H-PBX) Project Equipment List

H-PBX Equipment

H-PBX router
I-Pockets for interface(s)
IP Phones “admin”
IP Switches
Patch cables
Equipment rack
Equipment UPS
IP to Analog gateways
IP phone cabling (new admin phones only)
New 66 blocks
New Amphenol cables
Cross Connect house pairs to new 66 blocks
Install, configure and test equipment provided within scope
Room sweep to determine proper cross connect and non-functional extensions
Port numbers as indicated on LOA produced &signed by client/owner

H-PBX Labor

Install & Configure H-PBX router
Install & Configure H-PBX PSTN
Install & Configure I-Pockets for interface(s)
Provide & install Ethernet cable for I-Pockets (if required)
Install & Configure IP Admin phones
Provide & install Ethernet cable for admin phones (if required)
Install IP switches
Install patch cables
Install equipment rack
Install UPS
Install & Configure IP to Analog gateways
Install new 66 blocks
Install new Amphenol cables
Cross Connect house pairs to new 66 blocks
Perform room sweep to determine proper cross connect and non-functional extensions
Port numbers as indicated on LOA produced &signed by client/owner

Client/Owner Provided Requirements

One static Public IP address per data circuit to be utilized for transmission of voice services*
Direct connection (port) to carrier equipment for utilizing of supplied static Public IP address(s)*
All communication with local IT department
All communication with present data and voice carrier(s)
Customer Service Record (CSR) from present voice carrier(s)*
Copies on all current invoices from present data and voice carriers(s)*
Fully completed, verified & signed LOA

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