A proven, scalable AAA and provisioning system that meets the requirements of the most demanding and diverse telco, ISP and service provider environments.

Deployed in various telco, ISP and service provider overview environments, ANTlabs Tru’Auth RADIUS enables quick and effective deployment of tiered and differentiated services across combinations of WiFi, 3G/4G and broadband networks.

The system can be used to provision and bill dynamic and permanent user accounts – and for the authentication, authorisation and accounting of these accounts.

Tru’Auth RADIUS natively supports many flexible AAA methods, which can be extended to roll out customisable AAA functions for specific requirements. The system’s interoperability can also be extended with 3rd-party Vendor Specific Attributes (VSAs), many of which it comes pre-configured with. In addition, Tru’Auth RADIUS APIs allow integration with external provisioning, OSS/BSS and portal systems.

Tru’Auth RADIUS is able to place as both a 3GPP-AAA server and a RADIUS policy server. It is the key node to integrate operator network nodes, such as PCRF, OCS, and OFCS, to retrieve necessary information elements for service completion.

Easy to Use

Tru’Auth provides multi-level, web-based administration, template-based account creation, and searchable graphical reports. A subscriber dashboard feature allows customer care personnel to quickly determine subscriber usage and login issues.

Flexible and Configurable

Tru’Auth natively supports many flexible authentication, authorization and accounting methods. Extend these to roll out customisable AAA functions for specific requirements.

Tru’Auth also comes pre-configured with many 3rd-party Vendor Specific Attributes (VSAs). Add new VSAs to further extend its interoperability.

Furthermore, Tru’Auth APIs allow integration with external provisioning, OSS/BSS and portal systems.


Deployed in a standard single-server setup, Tru’Auth can support up to 1,000 radius transactions per second – with much higher performance achievable in a clustered environment.


Tru’Auth supports High Availability (HA) with automated failover and session synchronization. This minimizes service downtime, and requires configuration only on the primary system.

In addition, Tru’Auth can be deployed in 2 geographically different locations in a disaster recovery (DR) mode.