The ideal carrier-class solution for deploying large-scale broadband networks.

Deploy broadband networks with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, such as city-wide WiFi, multi-tenant units (MTU), and infrastructure wholesale networks.

The ANTlabs Service Selection Gateway (SSG) is designed to support connectivity needs of up to 10,000 active users and 2,000 unique locations concurrently. The latest SSG builds on its predecessor’s unparalleled success, that has enabled ANTlabs to become ASEAN’s market leader in enabling wireless broadband hotspots.

Highly scalable, and with user-centric controls for ease of use, SSG is ideal for:

  • Telcos and ISPs seeking carrier-grade WiFi to expand subscriber services and revenues.
  • Cable operators and ISPs using WiFi to build up their networks cost-effectively.
  • Building owners looking to resell network infrastructure to telcos and ISPs as a revenue source.
  • Municipal and metropolitan authorities deploying city-wide wireless access.
Subscriber Acquisition and Support

With the SSG’s zero-configuration technology, featuring subscriber- and device-aware provisioning, WiFi users can be quickly onboarded and serviced. This keeps the cost of acquiring and supporting subscribers to a minimum.

High-Performance Hardware-Software Stack

The SSG can scale to handle high-throughput network traffic, together with a high concurrency of devices and users in the network. This meets the demands of infrastructure where high data traffic is expected – such as due to more smartphone users consuming video content.

New Service Enablement

The SSG’s technologies enable new services to be delivered over the WiFi infrastructure. One key feature is the creation of multiple virtual networks, via virtual routing, to be ‘resold’ to operators or enterprises. The SSG can route data traffic to resellers’ network for users belonging to the reseller.

The SSG facilitates WiFi wholesale business models for WiFi owners, giving them their own:

  • SSID and customized walled garden portal
  • RADIUS servers to house subscriber accounts
  • Internet access link for subscribers
  • IP range provisioning to subscribers post-login

The SSG can also function like a RADIUS proxy to route RADIUS authentication to different backend RADIUS servers based on user domain. This is typically used in a multi-service provider environment, where one resells its wireless infrastructure to other service providers (including integration with roaming aggregators like iPass and Boingo).

The SSG allows WISPr-compliant clients (like iPassConnect and Boingo) to authenticate without using a web-based login portal. This provides a seamless, familiar login method for users accustomed to using their clients wherever they go.

This is typically used by telcos, ISPs and some hospitality operators to connect hotspots to the roaming aggregator’s network for roaming revenue.

Seamless Mobile Offload

In Mobile Offload platforms, the SSG can do local breaks – routing user payloads directly to the Internet via a front-end gateway, and back to GGSN/PDG through secure tunnels via Tru’IP.