The AP 2100 is an ANTlabs gateway peripheral product that offers establishments with visitor networks a quick and easy way to generate Internet access accounts for guests. It prints the user account login credentials for them at the touch of a button. 

  • Integrates seamlessly into the standard ANTlabs gateway administration GUI.
  • One-touch generation of user accounts and simultaneous printout of login credentials.
  • Programmable buttons can generate different types of user accounts with different levels of network access, usage duration and pricing, allowing you to offer different Internet service options for guests.
  • Flexible and easily customizable print layout and design lets you import a corporate logo header and footer, greetings, usage instructions, or terms and conditions on the login account slip.
  • Comprehensive audit log for reporting, billing and accounting purposes ensures that all account generation transactions can be tallied and accounted for.


AP 2100 Product Data Sheet
AP 2100 Quick Start Guide