WiFi Support

Peacey Systems Support Agent

Peacey Systems Support Agent

WiFi Support – Wholesale to vendors:

Guest Support Service for guests is provided by our 24 x 7 Support Team and consists of troubleshooting steps such as:
Basic Wi-Fi Configuration help – The Support Team will attempt to determine if the End-User has a working Wi-Fi device and is locating a Wireless Signal using guidelines set for the most common types of Wi-Fi devices.
SSID configuration – The Support Team will verify what the correct SSID is for the location that an End-User is accessing as well as verify that the End-User has the correct SSID set in their Network Connection, using a basic guideline developed for the most common operating systems, and the most common Wi-Fi devices.
Login difficulties – The Support Team will review with the End-User the correct format for the username on the log in pages. The Support Team will attempt to verify that the correct settings are enabled in the End-Users Browser, and verify that the End-User is not using security software that may be blocking access.
Location specific coverage issues – The Support Team will verify the Location details of the Hotspot that the End-User is accessing, and will direct the End User to any specific coverage location(s) that is listed in the database.
E-mail – The Support Team will provide the End-User with the settings needed to send and receive email over a wireless connection using the most common email programs.
VPN issues – The Support Team will help an End-User set up a new VPN connection using the most common guidelines. The Support Team will direct the end-user to their own Network Administrator for any settings on an existing VPN that the end-user is trying to access.
24×7 Guest Services Scope of work – Tier I and Tier II
Tier I support definition and scope of work: responsible for issues that are related to the guest’s PC and in-room devices. Specifically:
Most popular Desktop Operating Systems
(Device status, networking functionality): Desktop Applications:
  Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 family
  Microsoft Windows XP
  Microsoft Windows Vista
  Microsoft Windows 7
  Apple OS X
 Apple OS Snow Leopard
  Web Browsers
  E-mail clients
Networking (LAN) Verification:
  Gateway status/availability (Server is ONLINE)
  Packet loss to gateway
 Network component availability(Switches, CMTS, DSLAM, Controller, NMS)
Non-PC Device setup
  iPad, iPod, etc.
   iPhone and Smartphones
  Gaming stations (Xbox, PS2, or similar) (bandwidth limitation)
Tier II agents will service all tickets escalated from Tier 1 and try to find a solution to the customer’s problem on their own or through resources available to them including Tier III technicians specifically reaching out to Tier III for input during available hours for ongoing specific issues for input, direction and collaboration.
Tier II TSEs are responsible for the entire Tier I scope and the following:
Network Administration
  WLAN/LAN Availability (power cycle AP, Switches, Server, ISP-CPE once)
  Server/Gateway status/availability
  Authentication issues (Meeting Rooms)
  ISP availability and service verification (packet loss, trace routes)
  Failure analysis (Trouble sites)
  Wireless Coverage testing
  Line Testing (CAT-5,CAT-3,xDSL)
  AP Troubleshooting (AP good/bad)
  Meeting Room Troubleshooting
  Network Configuration and Verification
  Network management tools to test network connections (packet loss)
  Check Hardware(WAP, Switches) firmware and configurations
  Patch gateways thru the tools provided by clients
Escalation Process
1. All steps followed per customer or brand standards
2. escalation: Tier 1, Tier 2 investigation is complete and the issue is still not resolved, each tech alerts a supervisor on duty at review the tier 1 and 2 steps
3. The supervisor on duty confirms this is a true escalation and both the tier 1 tech, tier 2 and the supervisor sign the ticket and then submit the ticket as an escalation so there is a clear chain of custody on every ticket so a clear review is possible on all tickets as needed
4. In a mass outage the supervisor will make a judgement call based on your company policy and individual site notes when and where to make outbound calls to your company immediately to the tier 3 engineer(s) in order following a pre-set list provided and approved by your company.
5. Weekly operations call: To review all operations, specifically all calls, resolved and escalated are reviewed by your company and Peacey staff to learn and hone best practices which can then be provided to the support team for training purposes


•Experienced polite technical staff

• Flat rate pricing

• Audio recording of every call

• Cloud based CRM included

• Real time alerts via Email, SMS, social media

• Custom training materials for your application

• Network Monitoring

• Multi-Lingual Support

Expert care for your end-users Building and managing your own technical call center is labor-intensive and expensive. Using your highly skilled developers and software engineers to support basic end user inquiries is both expensive and distracting. Peacey Systems 24/7/365 Tier 1 technical support customer call center provides all the help your customers want and need. We handle all initial customer inquiries, support the day-to-day issues and resolve most user-problems at the first point of contact. Only complex problems are escalated to your internal experts.