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Introducing the all new InnGate 4 – IG4

IG 4 – Check out our new look


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ANTLabs IG4 hardware –

A better all-in-one Service Management Platform to monetize existing Internet services, maximize limited bandwidth, and improve user experience.

Designed for the hospitality sector, the ANTlabs IG 4 meets the High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) needs of guest networks such as hotels, waiting rooms, business centers and F&B, while allowing hoteliers to roll out free HSIA WiFi that pays for itself.

Built on the success of its predecessor, the Inngate, IG 4 has an even better and advanced bandwidth management, more authentication methods (i.e. login via Facebook, Google+, and twitter) and analytics. The IG 4’s integration with social media also opens up opportunities for hoteliers to build followings and tap the power of digital word-of-mouth.

Tight integration with many Property Management Systems allows the IG 4 to automatically identify guests and provision wireless access. This reduces labor costs while improving guests’ wireless experience.

Combined with Advanced QoS, hoteliers can offer different tiers of service to different types of guests – such as unlimited bandwidth for VIPs. This generates revenue through paid WiFi plans, helping to turn a hotel’s HSIA from cost center to revenue center.

PMS-Driven High Speed Internet

Guests can enjoy improved interaction with hotels by being able to:

  • Authenticate against selected PMS information for wireless network access
  • Bill directly to their guest folio
  • Check text messages sent by the hotel to their folio
  • View their entire hotel bill
  • Perform express checkouts
Guest-Aware Bandwidth Optimization
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Premium bandwidth for charged users, including WAN application prioritization
  • Complimentary bandwidth tier for free access users
  • Shared bandwidth rate limit across multiple devices
Social Media Integration
  • Authentication: Easy logins for users – no more randomly generated access codes
  • Analytics: Know your customers – and which areas they are frequently in
  • Promotion: Help tenants build social media followings and deliver offers to their customers – tailored to user profiles
  • Business
  • System
  • Network
Multi-WAN Capability

The IG 4 lets you aggregate up to 2 separate ISP circuits for improved Internet speeds, providing link redundancy through automated failover. It reduces support issues caused by low end load balancers by using source-IP connection persistency.It also works seamlessly with the IG 4 Lawful Intercept modules and High Availability modules.

Management Port

The Ig 4 can communicate with an internal network without first going through the Internet. This provides a dedicated link, separate from the WAN and LAN.This Management Port is useful for connecting to corporate servers such as property management servers, web servers, and DNS servers.

Full HA (High Availability)

The full HA module allows automated failover, configuration synchronization and user session synchronization.So, in the event of a failover from faulty master nodes to backup nodes, users will not need to login again.

Multi-portal Web Login Wizard 

Through a flexible step-by-step wizard, customize, preview and generate the entire look and feel of your login portal.Add pre-login advertisements, terms and conditions agreements, header/footer/copyright sections, logo/background/location specific images, and more.

Multi-level Auditable Administration Support

Assign access to different functions based on staff responsibilities: front-desk, helpdesk, and so on. Actions performed are logged in audit trails.

Easy Account Provisioning

The IG 4 works seamlessly with a user account printer, enabling one-touchgenerating and printing of login account credentials.With auto-account generation and backend management, and programmable buttons for different types of accounts, give your guests instant Internet access as part of their check-in package.

Volume Prepaid and Access Code Authentication

Apart from traditional service plans and access methods, the IG 4 also allows you to create volume prepaid plans based on amount of data used.In addition, the access code authentication method allows you to provision for login accounts that do not require passwords.

Anti-DoS/Spam Protection and Alerts

The open nature of visitor based networks makes malicious attacks a clear and present danger. Protect your service with the IG 4’s anti-DoS features like:

  • Web Session Rate Limits
  • ARP Storm Protection
  • IP Conflict Protection
  • SYN and DNS Flood Protection

In addition, IG 4’s advanced SMTP management functions provide anti-spam support with:

  • sender domain verification
  • SMTP connection limits
  • send-rate controls
  • size or recipient thresholds

And because IG 4 natively supports SNMP traps, administrators can be alertedof DoS attempts and service disruptions immediately.

Searchable Session Logs

The IG 4 keeps comprehensive logs of tracked devices, sessions, and users, searchable for troubleshooting and investigation purposes.

Gigabit Ports

Gigabit ports are default on all IG 4 models so you maximize available bandwidth on the network infrastructure.

Ease of Maintenance

System maintenance has never been easier with the IG 4. Schedule the system to auto-delete, compress and email existing system reports as part of regular system maintenance, and purge expired user accounts while emailing the details for record keeping.


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Feature List

IG 4

IG 4 supports the needs of guest networks such as hotels, waiting rooms, business centers and F&B. It is an all-in-one gateway targeted at the hospitality sector. Built on the success of its predecessor, the InnGate, IG 4 has an even better and advanced bandwidth management, more authentication methods (i.e. Login via Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) and analytics.

Standard Features

Plug & Play Zero Configuration Network

  • –  Supports static and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses
  • –  Adaptive Domain Name Services (DNS)
  • –  Transparent web proxy
  • –  Application NAT (VPN, SIP, RSTP, MMS, H323)
  • –  IPv6 supportPMS-Driven High Speed Internet
    • –  PMS Authentication:
      • TCP/IP: Micros Fidelio / Opera, Enhanced Opera extensions,Galaxy Lightspeed
      • Serial: Micros Fidelio / Opera, FCS, Softbrands, Hobic, Prologic, Comtrol, Protel, Agilysys, etc.
    • –  Special VIP Guest Processing
    • –  Guest messaging & express checkoutGuest-Aware Bandwidth Optimization
    • –  Application traffic prioritization
    • –  Guest-aware multi-tier QoS (Basic / Premium / Guaranteed)
    • –  Shared bandwidth rate limit across multiple devices
    • –  Volume controlMultiple Authentication & Billing Interfaces
    • –  Complimentary access
    • –  User ID and password authentication (local accounts)
    • –  Access code authentication (local accounts)
    • –  MAC-level authentication for non-HTTP devices
    • –  PMS authentication and Billing
    • –  Social media authentication: Facebook, Google+, TwitterCredit Card Authentication &Billing

– Worldpay,, Payflow Pro, Payflow Link

Guest Management & Content

  • –  Auto-relogin
  • –  Seamless wired & wireless roaming
  • –  Auto logout of inactive guests
  • –  Forced logout of guests
  • –  Departed device detection and logout
  • –  HTTP / HTTPS / IP walled garden
  • –  Email login reminder
  • –  Smartphone / tablets friendly
  • –  Location / VLAN-based content delivery
  • –  Customizable, responsive login pagesRADIUS / WISPr
  • –  RADIUS authentication and billing
  • –  Support for Wireless Internet Service Provider roamingConcurrent / Multi Business Model Support
  • –  Unlimited duration and volume
  • –  Fixed duration
  • –  Stored duration
  • –  Stored volume: 2 modes (logout / throttled)
  • –  Fair-use


– Business – System
– Network

VPN Support

  • –  Multiple IP for Network Address Port Translation (NAPT)
  • –  User-provisioned routable public IP addressAccount Printer Support

– Generate Internet access account quickly with a single button press

Lawful Intercept

– Monitoring of networks
– Comply with legislative requirements – Local storage of logs

Security & Reporting

– URL / Content filtering
– Access control to web administration GUI
– MAC-based blacklist
– Anti-Spam and Anti-DoS features
– DoS event alerts
– Configurable plan-based firewall
– 802.1Q VLAN security
– Web session rate limit
– Real-time reporting on authenticated guest and detected devices – Guests, device and web-page access logging
– Graphical presentation of system reports


  • –  High Availability Offering (Active-Passive)
    • Real-time HA disk replication
    • Fail-over within 1 minute, typically 30 seconds
  • –  Configuration Backup and Restore Function – Dual WAN link load-balancingSystem Management & Administration
    • –  Supports SNMPv2
    • –  Network Time Protocol (NTP) server
    • –  Configurable DHCP server / relay
    • –  SMTP server / relay
    • –  Remote Syslog
    • –  External HTTP web proxy
    • –  Remote edge device (switches / hubs / access points) monitoring
    • –  Two-tier console CLI support via SSH
    • –  Configurable tiered access for web admin
    • –  Admin access audit logs
    • –  DNS Record Hosting


PMS support – Configurable Tiered Access for Web Administration


– TCP /IP : Fidelio / Opera – Admin Access Audit Logs


– Serial : Fidelio / Opera, FCS, Jurudata, Votech, HIS, Hobic,


RoomMaster, Comanche, Brilliant, Prologic, Comtrol, Protel


Account Printer


AP 2100

The AP 2100 is an ANTlabs gateway peripheral product that offers establishments with visitor networks a quick and easy way to generate Internet access accounts for guests. It prints the user account login credentials for them at the touch of a button.

Standard Features

  • –  Integrates seamlessly into the standard ANTlabs gateway administration GUI
  • –  One-touch generation of user accounts and simultaneous printout of login credentials.
  • –  Programmable buttons can generate different types of user accounts with different levels of network access, usage duration and pricing, allowing you to offer different Internet service options for guests.
  • –  Flexible and easily customizable print layout and design lets you import a corporate logo header and footer, greetings, usage instructions or terms and conditions on the login account slip.
  • –  Comprehensive audit log for reporting, billing and accounting purposes ensures that all account generation transactions can be tallied and accounted for.Business Scenarios
  • –  The Account Printer is typically deployed in the business lounges or at the front desk of the hotel where guests and walk-in visitors can purchase prepaid Internet access over-the-counter from the staff
  • –  Even hospitality establishments without a traditional Property Management System (PMS) to manage service billing operations can offer a charged Internet access service because the Account Printer keeps track of the Internet account transactions in a comprehensive audit log.
  • –  The Account Printer can also be used to implement free self-service Internet access for MICE events where the guests themselves can generate personal login accounts on-demand.

Technical Specifications

Printing Mode

– Thermal Printing
– Dot density: 203dpi
– Print speed: 101 ~ 127mm/sec – Paper sensor: Photoelectricity


– Printer: 195x115x180mm – Box: 295x210x180mm


– Net: 1.2 kg
– Gross: 2.2 kg

Paper Type

– Thermal Paper Roll
– Paper width: 57mm
– Paper diameter: 100mm max


– LCD, resolution: 1024×600
– Operation method: capacitive touch panel


– Ethernet: 100M (IEEE 802.3u)
– Power supply input: 100-240V – 50/60Hz

User Interface

– Supports up to 12 customizable buttons – Intuitive design

Compatible Models

– IG 4200
– IG 3100
– InnGate 3.01, 3.02. 3.10