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ANTlabs lets you Log in with FaceBook, control your network usage via bandwidth and volume thresholds, generate login portals, customize further by using our powerful APIs, integrate with billing systems and property management systems, and provide an all-in-one, one-stop solution for provisioning Internet services

IG4210 In Stock 

IG 4210

IG 4 supports the needs of guest networks such as hotels, waiting rooms, business centers and F&B. It is an all-in-one gateway targeted at the hospitality sector. Built on the success of its predecessor, the InnGate, IG 4 has an even better and advanced bandwidth management, more authentication methods, and analytics.

IG 4210 Product Data Sheet – r1_0

 IG 4210 

IG 4 supports the needs of guest networks such as hotels, waiting rooms, business centers and F&B. It is an all-in-one gateway targeted at the hospitality sector. Built on the success of its predecessor, the InnGate, IG 4 has an even better and advanced bandwidth management, more authentication methods, and analytics. 

Standard Features 

Plug & Play Zero Configuration Network 

– Supports static and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses 

– Supports selective DHCP scope per VLAN 

– Adaptive Domain Name Services (DNS) 

– Transparent web proxy 

– Application NAT (VPN, SIP, RSTP, MMS, H323) 

– IPv6 support 

PMS-Driven High-Speed Internet 

– PMS Authentication: 

• TCP/IP: Micros Fidelio / Opera, Enhanced Opera extensions, 

Galaxy Lightspeed 

• Serial: Micros Fidelio / Opera, FCS, Softbrands, Hobic, 

Prologic, Comtrol, Protel, Agilysys, etc. 

– Special VIP Guest Processing 

– Guest messaging & express checkout 

Guest-Aware Bandwidth Optimization 

– Application traffic prioritization 

– Guest-aware multi-tier QoS (Basic / Premium / Guaranteed) 

– Shared bandwidth rate limit across multiple devices 

– Volume control 

Multiple Authentication & Billing Interfaces 

– Complimentary access 

– User ID and password authentication (local accounts) 

– Access code authentication (local accounts) 

– MAC-level authentication for non-HTTP devices 

– PMS authentication and Billing 

– Social media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Line, WeChat 

– Auto-login (no login page) 

Credit Card Authentication &Billing 

– Worldpay,, Payflow Pro, Payflow Link 

Guest Management & Content 

– Seamless relogin 

– Seamless wired & wireless roaming 

– Auto logout of inactive guests 

– Forced logout of guests 

– Departed device detection and logout 

– HTTP / HTTPS / IP walled garden 

– Smartphone / tablets friendly 

– Location / VLAN-based content delivery 

– Customizable, responsive login pages 

– Admin-assisted login 

Concurrent / Multi Business Model Support 

– Unlimited duration and volume 

– Fixed duration 

– Stored duration 

– Stored volume: 2 modes (logout / throttled) 

– Fair-use 


– RADIUS authentication and billing 

– Support for Wireless Internet Service Provider roaming 


– Business 

– System 

– Network 

VPN Support 

– Multiple IP for Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) 

– User-provisioned routable public IP address 

Account Printer Support 

– Generate Internet access account quickly with a single button press 

Lawful Intercept 

– Monitoring of networks 

– Comply with legislative requirements 

– Local storage of logs 

Security & Reporting 

– Site / domain filtering 

– Access control to web administration GUI 

– MAC-based blacklist 

– Anti-Spam and Anti-DoS features 

– DoS event alerts 

– Configurable plan-based firewall 

– 802.1Q VLAN security 

– Web session rate limit 

– Real-time reporting on authenticated guest and detected devices 

– Guests, device and web-page access logging 

– Graphical presentation of system reports 


– High Availability Offering (Active-Passive) 

• Real-time HA disk replication 

• Fail-over within 1 minute, typically 30 seconds 

– Configuration Backup and Restore Function 

– Dual WAN link load-balancing 

System Management & Administration 

– Supports SNMPv2 

– Network Time Protocol (NTP) server 

– Configurable DHCP server / relay 

– SMTP server / relay 

– Remote Syslog 

– External HTTP web proxy 

– Remote edge device (switches / hubs / access points) monitoring 

– Two-tier console CLI support via SSH 

– Configurable tiered access for web admin 

– Admin access audit logs 

– DNS Record Hosting 

– ANTlabs Cloud Services (ACS) Support 

Event Scheduling 

– Preschedule events 

– Visitor digital experience customization 

– Event reports generation 

North American Support:

858 217 5147
bandwidth management guest high speed internet access solutions for hotels

With the ANTlabs InnGate, a Service Management Platform for the hospitality industry, you can:

Monetize existing complimentary
Internet services.

Maximize limited bandwidth, improving
the Internet experience.

Create your own free and paid tiers from the InnGate’s built-in Internet service plans, and integrate your own custom systems through its API if needed.

Then offer guests immediate connectivity using a one-touch account slip printer that interfaces with common Property Management Systems for billing.

Control network usage through the InnGate’s bandwidth management features: volume prepaid, session rate limits, and more. Ensure business traffic is prioritized while P2P and streaming is throttled.

SG 4

Intelligent, dynamic traffic management and flexible time/volume accounting – all in one box.

Built specially for large venue networking needs, the ANTlabs SG 4 gateway is a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for venue owners to manage and monetize their public access networks effectively.

MICE centers and shopping malls have tremendous potential to turn their public WiFi networks from cost centers into revenue centers, while educational institutions can guarantee consistent high bandwidth across campus to enable true ‘connected learning’.

However, for these to become a reality, certain challenges need to be overcome:


Identify users, give them access to the network, and bill them for what they use.


Offer login methods to suit different types of users, with different capabilities for identifying themselves.


Offer service levels to satisfy different types of users. This will also affect their willingness to pay.


Vary service offerings to cater to different usage needs and patterns.

The SG4 addresses these in a single box, providing differentiated access through bandwidth control, as well as integration with social media for easy authentication and customer insights.

With the SG 4, public WiFi networks can be optimized, and even monetized by tailoring the service experience (and pricing) to fit the varied demands of different groups of customers.

Single-box Capabilities
  • Supports up to 20,000 subscribers
  • 10GE support
  • Max throughput up to 974 Mbps
Advanced QoS/Traffic Management
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Premium bandwidth for charged users, including WAN application prioritization
  • Complimentary bandwidth tier for free access users
  • Shared bandwidth across multiple devices
Social Media Integration
  • Authentication: Easy logins for users – no more randomly generated access codes
  • Analytics: Know your customers – and which areas they are frequently in
  • Promotion: Help tenants build social media followings and deliver offers to their customers – tailored to user profiles

Service Selection Gateway (SSG 4)

The ideal carrier-class solution for deploying large-scale broadband networks.

Deploy broadband networks with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, such as city-wide WiFi, multi-tenant units (MTU), and infrastructure wholesale networks.

The ANTlabs Service Selection Gateway (SSG) is designed to support connectivity needs of up to 10,000 active users and 2,000 unique locations concurrently. The latest SSG builds on its predecessor’s unparalleled success, that has enabled ANTlabs to become ASEAN’s market leader in enabling wireless broadband hotspots.

Highly scalable, and with user-centric controls for ease of use, SSG is ideal for:

  • Telcos and ISPs seeking carrier-grade WiFi to expand subscriber services and revenues.
  • Cable operators and ISPs using WiFi to build up their networks cost-effectively.
  • Building owners looking to resell network infrastructure to telcos and ISPs as a revenue source.
  • Municipal and metropolitan authorities deploying city-wide wireless access.
Subscriber Acquisition and Support

With the SSG’s zero-configuration technology, featuring subscriber- and device-aware provisioning, WiFi users can be quickly onboarded and serviced. This keeps the cost of acquiring and supporting subscribers to a minimum.

High-Performance Hardware-Software Stack

The SSG can scale to handle high-throughput network traffic, together with a high concurrency of devices and users in the network. This meets the demands of infrastructure where high data traffic is expected – such as due to more smartphone users consuming video content.

New Service Enablement

The SSG’s technologies enable new services to be delivered over the WiFi infrastructure. One key feature is the creation of multiple virtual networks, via virtual routing, to be ‘resold’ to operators or enterprises. The SSG can route data traffic to resellers’ network for users belonging to the reseller.

The SSG facilitates WiFi wholesale business models for WiFi owners, giving them their own:

  • SSID and customized walled garden portal
  • RADIUS servers to house subscriber accounts
  • Internet access link for subscribers
  • IP range provisioning to subscribers post-login

The SSG can also function like a RADIUS proxy to route RADIUS authentication to different backend RADIUS servers based on user domain. This is typically used in a multi-service provider environment, where one resells its wireless infrastructure to other service providers (including integration with roaming aggregators like iPass and Boingo).

The SSG allows WISPr-compliant clients (like iPassConnect and Boingo) to authenticate without using a web-based login portal. This provides a seamless, familiar login method for users accustomed to using their clients wherever they go.

This is typically used by telcos, ISPs and some hospitality operators to connect hotspots to the roaming aggregator’s network for roaming revenue.

Seamless Mobile Offload

In Mobile Offload platforms, the SSG can do local breaks – routing user payloads directly to the Internet via a front-end gateway, and back to GGSN/PDG through secure tunnels via Tru’IP.

How to Activate ACS – How to Log Into ACS
1. Log in to your ACS admin UI
2. Go to Settings > Subscriptions
3. Click on ‘Subscribe’ to subscribe the gateway or click ‘Extend’ to extend the current subscription of the selected gateway.
4. In Voucher Activation page, key in the Voucher Code and the Captcha characters. Click ‘Activate Now’. The confirmation popup will be displayed.
5. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed. A success popup will be shown when activation is successful.
6. Click ‘Ok’ to close the popup

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Real map to monitor the status of Network Health of all sites depending upon the roles and permissions: Site Details, Site Status (Healthy, Unhealthy, Critical), Reasons for failure, System Statistics.

Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Interactive dashboards and drill down graphs for non-technical user with the ability to access data and build business intelligence reports and analytics.

Location Portal Management

Location Portal Management

Centralized management and deployment of welcome portal on a group or site level. Extremely flexible and customizable welcome portals and landing pages.

Multiple Authentication Methods

Multiple Authentication Methods

Users can login using their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Venue owners can choose to give complimentary WiFi, require user ID & password / access code, allow WiFi access purchase via credit card, or fill up a registration form for access.

Users Database

Users Database

Ability to connect with User’s Facebook or Google Account. Details of each user are consolidated from various sources to help in designing campaigns and marketing.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management

Allows to define a fixed guaranteed bandwidth for certain users. Intelligent bandwidth management for limiting session volume.

Benefits for Site Owners

Monetize WiFi Services


Amplify sales through efficient & effective advertising platform.


Leverage on WiFi access to draw customers & get them stay longer.


…through better understanding of customer profile and demographics


Make decisions based on real data through analytics.

Benefits for End Users

Best User Experience


Each user gets fast and secure Internet access, regardless of how packed your site is.


Login using the authentication method that is most convenient to you.


Stay connected as you go from one venue to another with ACS seamless relogin.


Get exclusive offers and deals tailored to your likes.




If you have an existing Software Care, you can avail of ACS Starter for free

Tru’Auth 3

A proven, scalable AAA and provisioning system that meets the requirements of the most demanding and diverse telco, ISP and service provider environments.

Deployed in various telco, ISP and service provider overview environments, ANTlabs Tru’Auth RADIUS enables quick and effective deployment of tiered and differentiated services across combinations of WiFi, 3G/4G and broadband networks.

The system can be used to provision and bill dynamic and permanent user accounts – and for the authentication, authorisation and accounting of these accounts.

Tru’Auth RADIUS natively supports many flexible AAA methods, which can be extended to roll out customisable AAA functions for specific requirements. The system’s interoperability can also be extended with 3rd-party Vendor Specific Attributes (VSAs), many of which it comes pre-configured with. In addition, Tru’Auth RADIUS APIs allow integration with external provisioning, OSS/BSS and portal systems.

Tru’Auth RADIUS is able to place as both a 3GPP-AAA server and a RADIUS policy server. It is the key node to integrate operator network nodes, such as PCRF, OCS, and OFCS, to retrieve necessary information elements for service completion.

Easy to Use

Tru’Auth provides multi-level, web-based administration, template-based account creation, and searchable graphical reports. A subscriber dashboard feature allows customer care personnel to quickly determine subscriber usage and login issues.

Flexible and Configurable

Tru’Auth natively supports many flexible authentication, authorization and accounting methods. Extend these to roll out customisable AAA functions for specific requirements.

Tru’Auth also comes pre-configured with many 3rd-party Vendor Specific Attributes(VSAs). Add new VSAs to further extend its interoperability.

Furthermore, Tru’Auth APIs allow integration with external provisioning, OSS/BSS and portal systems.


Deployed in a standard single-server setup, Tru’Auth can support up to 1,000 radius transactions per second – with much higher performance achievable in a clustered environment.


Tru’Auth supports High Availability (HA) with automated failover and session synchronization. This minimizes service downtime, and requires configuration only on the primary system.

In addition, Tru’Auth can be deployed in 2 geographically different locations in a disaster recovery (DR) mode.

ANTLabs Example Deployment Diagram

Available Modules:

  • 2-Tier QoS New!
  • Payment
  • Volume Control
  • Multi-WAN
  • Account Printer Support (High Capacity Support: 10)
  • Lawful Intercept – Syslog
  • Management Port

The New 2-Tier QoS

IG4 now includes 2-tier QoS support: Premium Tier and Complimentary Tier., giving you even more options to maximize your available bandwidth while up-selling connectivity options.

New IG4 design supports “Deploy and Forget”

The new design of the IG4 makes it much more robust to “deploy once and forget forever”. Its fan-less and dust-free chassis design minimizes the chance of component failures. With its screw-in power connector, the chance of accidentally disconnecting the power cable is also a thing of the past.

Free 1-Year Premium Bundle Support

IG4 comes with a one year Premium Bundle support. This means that you shall get software and hardware support for your first year. You have the option to purchase support plans for the subsequent years. This support bundle gives you unlimited access to upgrades and patches, and 24/7 tech support.


Plug & Play Zero Configuration Network

– Supports static and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses – Adaptive Domain Name Services (DNS)
– Transparent Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) – Transparent web proxy

– Application NAT (VPN, SIP, RSTP, MMS, H323)

Guest Management & Content

– Auto logout of inactive guests
– Forced logout of guests
– Departed device detection and logout
– Bandwidth rate limit: device / account
– HTTP / HTTPS / IP walled garden
– Email login reminder
– Smartphone / tablets friendly
– Location / VLAN-based content delivery
– Unique login pages for separate locations

(Login / Login-Success / Logout)

Multiple Authentication & Billings

– Complimentary access
– User ID and password authentication (local accounts) – Access codes authentication (local accounts)
– MAC-level authentication for non-HTTP devices
– PMS Authentication and Billing

Concurrent / Multi Business Model Support

– Unlimited duration and volume
– Fixed duration
– Stored duration
– Stored volume – 2 modes (logout / throttled)

ANTLabs PMS Integrations chart

– Worldpay,, Payflow Pro, Payflow Link


– RADIUS authentication and billing

Account Printer Support

– Generate internet access account quickly and easily with a single button press

Traffic Management / QoS

– Application traffic prioritization
– Two-tier QoS (Complimentary / Premium) – Volume control
– Advanced WAN link load-balancing
– IPv6 support

Lawful Intercept

– Monitoring of networks
– Comply with legislative requirements

Security & Reporting

– URL / Content filtering
– Access control to web administration GUI
– MAC-based blacklist
– Anti-Spam and Anti-DoS features
– DoS event alerts
– Configurable plan-based firewall
– 802.1Q VLAN security
– Web session rate limit
– Real-time reporting on authenticated quest

and detected devices
– Guest, device and web-page access logging – Graphical presentation of system reports


– High availability offering (active-standby)
– Configuration backup and restore function – Anti-DoS automated defense mechanism

System Management &Administration

– Supports SNMPv2
– Network Time Protocol (NTP) server
– File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server
– Configurable DHCP Server/Relay
– Remote Syslog
– User-provisioned routable public IP address
– External HTTP web proxy
– Remote edge device (switches / hubs / access points)

– Multiple IP for Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate management
– Secure HTTPS connection to Admin page
– Two-tier console CLI support
– Configurable tiered access for web admin
– Admin access audit logs

Property Management Systems Partners – Lodging Link ®
LodgingLink_CompatiblePartner_logo_72dpiListed below are Comtrol’s Hospitality Partners who have chosen to use Lodging Link as their PMS interfacing solution.

Agilysys Inc

Agilysys is one of the leading technology providers in the worldwide hospitality market. We offer proven software, services, hardware and consultation for hotels, casinos, destination resorts, condominiums and conference centers to streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction while maximizing profitability. PMS System(s): Visual One and rGuest Stay.

AutoClerk Inc.

AutoClerk(R) is a hotel management software program designed by hotel people for hotel people with the special requirements of medium to small properties in mind. MyHMS offers the latest in Property Management System (PMS) solutions through web-based ASP technology. This guest-centric, user-friendly solution comes complete with fully customizable features, intuitive reporting, multiple optional interfaces, and full integration with GDS/ADS and website booking engine distribution. PMS System(s): AutoClerk, MyHMS


BookingCenter combines both Desktop and web-based Property Management Software with Central Reservation Services and Global Distribution. By combining the property and distribution management in a single product, BookingCenter empowers properties to compete. Independent and groups of properties partner with BookingCenter to make it easy and simple to manage their properties and expand marketing opportunities. PMS System(s): MyPMS, BookingCenter PMS version 5.03 and above

Cenium A/S

Cenium is a total software solution for the hospitality sector. With one database and a single user interface in the world leading business management system; Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CENIUM managers have fresh, relevant and up to the minute information. CENIUM makes it easy to manage your world by giving you total system integration and a live overview of the status of your operation. PMS System(s): Cenium Hotel/Cenium Property Management (PMS)

CIMSO (Pty) Ltd

INNkeeper: a customer centric, integrated, hospitality management ERP system for resorts, hotels, & hospitality services providers. The suite provides CRM, Communications tracking, PMS & Rates management, Front Office, Central & Internet Reservations, Golf T-bookings, Spa & Wellness, Timeshare, Events & Conferences, Restaurant, Bar & Superette points of sale. Back office provides Debtors, City Ledger Creditors, Stock, General Ledger & Cash books. PMS Systems: INNkeeper, ClientManager GolfManager, MembershipManager, Realtor

Consolidated Resorts

Consolidated Resorts Management, LLC (CRM) and Soleil Management, LLC (SM) provide management services in Hawaii, Nevada, and Floridaa. Together, both companies are among the most dynamic and resourceful management companies in all of North America. Their staffs are well versed in the management services arena and trained to provide superior customer service supported by state-of-the-art technology. PMS System(s): PMS Cornerstone


ResortSuite is a fully integrated hospitality management software solution for operations ranging from Spas and Conference Centers to large Four-Season Resorts. PMS System(s): ResortSuite

Execu/Tech Systems, Inc.

Execu/Tech Systems is a technology development and integration firm specializing in hotel property management software as well as restaurant and retail point of sale systems. All of our hospitality software products are developed, maintained, and supported in-house by our own highly skilled and dedicated staff. PMS System(s): HOTEL Premium

Guestline Ltd.

Guestline is a leading supplier of hotel software solutions for the hospitality industry. Guestline design, develop, implement and support Windows (R) and web based Property Management Systems (PMS), Central Reservation Systems (CRS) and EPoS Solutions. Our systems reflect the experience gained from years of working closely with respected hotels and groups. Whether you require a system for a large group of hotels or an independent privately owned hotel, we can provide the right solution. PMS System(s): Guestline and RezLynx


Hotelogix PMS, from HMS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., is a unique, cloud-based, end-to-end, hospitality technology solution, built to manage hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and multi-location hotel chains, by providing a single window to manage all hotel operations. It streamlines Front Desk, Point of Sale and Housekeeping operations seamlessly, letting you manage multiple tasks simultaneously. With over 100 reports that Hotelogix generates, hotels can analyse their business and track progress. Moreover, hotels can connect to the world’s biggest hotel booking networks via the online distribution system. Hotelogix is the world’s fastest PMS to get started with and is currently used by properties in 100+ countries. PMS System(s): Hotelogix PMS

HSS Limited

Hotel Software Systems is the leading provider of hotel property management systems in the limited service sector. With over 4,500 hotels using the FrontClerk 2000 PMS, HSS has the expertise in providing your property with a full solution. Comtrol products allow HSS to provide over 100 new interfaces with their PMS. PMS System(s): FrontClerk 2000 (HSS-Link 1.2)

Hyatt Vacation Ownership

Unlike traditional vacation ownership resorts, the Hyatt Vacation Club’s luxury accommodations are available for weekly stays, or you can make a reservation for any number of available nights. Each residential-style vacation condominium offers elegant appointments with all the comforts of home.

iHotelligence Hotel Management Software

iHotelligence is a scalable, flexible and reliable integrated Hotel Management solution for hotels, incorporating PMS, Integrated Booking Engine and Channel Management, CRM, Rate & Yield Management, BI, and reporting functionality and finance suite. The system helps you improve sales, reduce costs, and eliminate innefficiency.

INN-Client Server System (ICSS)

ATRIUM by ICSS is designed with the flexibility to provide for the varied requirements of the “Independent-Minded Hotelier”, smaller chains and property management companies. ATRIUM’s full featured suite of software offers the functionality necessary for both the Hotel/Motel and Vacation Rental/Ownership property management markets. Over 400 interfaces are available to such essential services as Internet Reservations, PBX, Call Accounting, POS, Electronic Key Card Systems, Mini-Bars, Movies/Pay TV, and Voice Mail. On-site installation and training are offered or users may self-install. The ARTIUM system is competitively priced and is backed by our in-house 24/7 customer support and training team. PMS System(s): ATRIUM

INNfinity Hospitality Systems

INNfinity is a privately-held California corporation. Founded in 1997, INNfinity Inc. is one of the world’s leading developers of Windows-based advanced property management and central reservations systems created to serve the hospitality industry exclusively. PMS System(s): INNfinity & INNfinity Lite & V1 & V2

innRoad, Inc

innRoad is the only Software-as-a-Service (Saas) hotel software solution that seamlessly integrates property management, global distribution, reservations booking, marketing, and revenue management on a single, easy-to-use platform designed specifically for independent hoteliers, hotel chains, and hotel management companies. The vision of innRoad is to make management and selling of hotel rooms easy from anywhere, any time, through any channel, using any device, empowering hoteliers to gain control of their assets while benefiting from superior customer support.


IQware has been “Helping Hospitality Partner With Intelligence” for 25 years. Today, more than 5,000 end users utilize IQware software to help best market and manage more than 120,000 rooms generating more than $3.5 billion in gross room revenue.“Built By Hoteliers For Hoteliers,” IQware’s Global Property Management System and more than two dozen add-on modules optimize operations at properties of all types − limited- and full-service hotels, resorts, condo-hotels, vacation rentals and timeshares — and all sizes — from regional hotel chains to multi-property management companies to small independents, IQware is Your Single-Source Technology Partner! PMS System(s): IQWARE_PMS

LogiSoft Computer Systems

LogiSoft PHMS (Positive Hotel Management System) is a full-featured application that works well in a wide variety of properties, from the large chain and resort hotels to small hotels and mid-sized properties. Positive HMS is a high-technology software specifically designed in Cyprus to meet the demands of Cyprus Hotels PMS System(s): Positive Hotel Management System

MAiS Information Systems

MAiS is an international solution provider specialised in the hospitality industry. We provide our customers with the latest technology and adapt it to their changing needs. In 1998 we developed the revolutionary hotel management system “Fidelity”, which continuously succeeds in the demanding market. Our Fidelity products are being used by large city hotels, small inns, resorts, restaurants and hotel chains. FIDELITY-MAiS team is a dedicated and qualified team of developers, trainers and support engineers, which guarantees high quality services for our clients. We believe that maintenance and ease-of-use is crucial for success of Fidelity systems world-wide. PMS System(s): Fidelity

NorthWind Software Corp. – Maestro PMS

MAESTRO – proven PMS extends to facilitate corporate operations and e-commerce to the worldwide lodging marketplace. This open platform management oriented solution is available multi-platform (UNIX, Linux, Windows/NT) with choice of database. PMS System(s): Maestro PMS

Multi-Systems, Inc / REMco Software Inc.

Serving the hospitality industry since 1990, MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.) is a leading supplier of hotel technology and property management software solutions. With an installed customer base of over 5,800 hotels and resorts throughout North America, MSI is one of the largest privately held providers of fully-integrated property management, sales and catering, marketing, point of sale, web booking, and centralized corporate services. MSI specializes in “total system solutions” for management companies and hotel chains by providing central reservation and property system integration. PMS System(s): MSI CloudPM

Novexsys, LLC

NOVEXSYS LLC was developed in 2007 by Centrada Solutions, a Dallas-based Technology Services company which specializes in serving Hotels, Hotel Owners, and Hotel Management Companies. NOVEXSYS is a Web-based property-management system that provides hoteliers with convenient access to the right information that employees need to turn insight into action – and ultimately drive business success and guest satisfaction. PMS System(s): NOVEXSYS PMS


ONETECH Solution specializes in the development, implementation and support of solutions for the hotel and motel industry. Our end-to-end solutions, comprised of a combination of software and services, help owners, operators, and managers better market and manage their properties. PMS System(s): ONETECH.PMS


RezStream Professional is flexible, powerful, property management software specifically designed for hotels, inns, resorts, condos, spas, vacation rentals, or any business with similar reservation needs. Easily create and manage daily and hourly reservations, point of sale charges, packages, and guest history for direct marketing offers and specials. PMS System(s): RezStream Professional


RMS is the industry-leading hotel management system provider with over 5,000 clients worldwide. RMS provides technology solutions globally to diverse industries such as Hotels, Motels, RV/Caravan Parks, Apartments, Colleges, and more. Streamline operations, master guest communication, and maintain your property simultaneously with dynamic pricing, business intelligence, channel management, and a variety of other elements. With its multi-functional platform, from real-time online bookings to point of sale systems to front office solutions, RMS is the ultimate application with the sky as the limit and the added bonus of our friendly 24-hour in house support. PMS System(s): RMS

RSI International

A welcome advantage. RoomKey by RSI offers the only hosted centralised property management solution with anytime, anywhere access, a fully integrated online reservation booking engine, plus access to unlimited new business through our connection to GDS and Internet Distribution Systems. PMS System(s): RoomKey, RoomKey Express

Sabre Hospitality Solutions

Sabre Hospitality Solutions provides technology to the global hospitality industry. It operates one of the industry’s largest Software-as-a-Service businesses. Its central reservations and property management system, internet marketing and distribution solutions are used by more than 17,000 hotels around the world. With offices in the U.S., Brazil, U.K, The Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong , Tokyo and Australia, Sabre Hospitality generates more than $12 billion in revenue for its hotels each year.Sabre Hospitality Solutions is part of Sabre Holdings, a global travel technology company serving the world’s largest industry- travel and tourism. PMS System(s): SynXis Property Manager

Skyware Systems

Skyware Systems specializes in software solutions for the hospitality industry. Our main products are Skyware PMX for Hotel Front Office operations and Skyware Sales and Catering for Conference Center operations. – a full functioning, feature rich, totally web based solution.

Springer-Miller Systems, Inc.

ATRIO™ from Springer-Miller is an intuitive and module-based suite that simplifies all aspects of guest-centric hospitality technology systems, resulting in streamlined operations, seamless integration, scalability, superior feature velocity, “big picture” views and most important—lower costs. ATRIO reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by embracing cloud-computing, minimizing on-property technology and introducing an innovative user experience that substantially reduces training time and increases staff efficiency and productivity. PMS System: ATRIO


Driven by the need for hoteliers needs to raise service levels to respond to the needs of today’s guests and increase hotel revenues, StayNTouch delivers a cloud-based Hotel PMS and a suite of tablet-based solutions to optimize the existing PMS and make it mobile. The company’s PMS Mobile Overlay brings mobility to both hotel staff and guests in order to drive guest revenue while enhancing the guest experience. Via any tablet or touch device, Guest Service and Housekeeping have mobile access to PMS via a touch-optimized interface. Guests, from their smart phone, can self check-in and out, view room bill and receive upgrade promotions. StayNTouch dramatically streamlines operations and increases margins, and revolutionizes how the hotels connect and engage their guests and how guests experience their hotels. StayNTouch partners with many of the most forward thinking brands in the industry. PMS System(s): Rover PMS.

Synergex International Corporation

RCC has been at the core of the resort and hospitality business worldwide for over 30 years. From simple lead tracking and reservations management to a comprehensive resort management system, RCC offers a completely integrated solution to streamline your operations. In addition to our superior resort management product, we offer 24/7 support, onsite training, business analysis, and software customizations. PMS System(s): RCC

Systems Products International

SYSTEMS PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. was founded over 25 years ago in Miami, Florida to address the specific software needs of the burgeoning timeshare industry in the United States. In the quarter century since that time, SPI has grown to become the leading independent software manufacturer serving the vacation ownership industry on a worldwide basis. PMS System(s): SPI Win

Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Through its two primary consumer brands, Fairfield Resorts and Trendwest Resorts, Wyndham Vacation Ownership has developed or acquired over 140 vacation ownership resorts throughout North America and the South Pacific that represent more than 18,000 individual ownership units and more than 750,000 owners of vacation ownership and other real estate interests. PMS-System(s): Focus

IG 4100 – 100Hardware
A0019-001-001-001-001-1100 Concurrent Device Lic
Max 300 VLANs
IG 4100 – 300HardwareA0019-002-001-001-001-1300 Concurrent Device Lic
Max 300 VLANs
IG 4100 – Infinity4HardwareA0019-003-001-001-001-1Unlimited Concurrent Device Lic
Max 300 VLANs
IG 4100 – Demo2HardwareA0019-004-001-001-001-130 Concurrent Device Lic
Max 300 VLANs
IG 4200
IG 4200 – 500HardwareA0020-001-001-001-001-1500 Concurrent Device Lic
Max 1000 VLANs
IG 4200 – 1000HardwareA0020-002-001-001-001-11000 Concurrent Device Lic
Max 1000 VLANs
IG 4200 – 2000Hardware
A0020-003-001-001-001-12000 Concurrent Device Lic
Max 1000 VLANs
IG 4200 – Infinity4HardwareA0020-004-001-001-001-1Unlimited Concurrent Device Lic
Max 1000 VLANs
IG 4200 – HA1HardwareA0020-005-001-001-001-1Concurrent Device Lic – Follow Main Unit
Max 1000 VLANs
IG 4200 – Demo2HardwareA0020-006-001-001-001-130 Concurrent Device Lic
Max 1000 VLANs
Other Products 3
Account Printer  AP 2100AccessoryA0022-001-001-001-001-1Account Printer AP 2100
( 1 unit )
Account Printer  AP 2100 x 5Accessory
A0022-002-001-001-001-1Account Printer AP 2100
( 5 units )
Account Printer  AP 2100 x 10AccessoryA0022-003-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Account Printer AP 2100
( 10 units )
Account Printer paper for AP 2100 x 10AccessoryA0022-004-001-001-001-1Account Printer paper ( 10 rolls )
100 Device License UpgradeLicenseA0019-005-001-001-001-1IG 4100 100 Device License Upgrade
Max up to 500 Dev Lic
Conversion to IG 4100 – InfinityLicenseA0019-006-001-001-001-1Applicable for IG 4100 with 500 Dev Lic only
Payment ModuleSoftware
A0019-007-001-001-001-1Payment Module
Property Management System Billing ModuleSoftware
A0019-008-001-001-001-1Property Management System Billing Module
Volume Control ModuleSoftware
A0019-009-001-001-001-1Volume Control Module
Radius Support ModuleSoftwareA0019-010-001-001-001-1Radius authentication, authorization and accounting Module
Lawful Intercept ModuleSoftware
A0019-011-001-001-001-1Lawful Intercept Module
Advanced QoS  ModuleSoftware
A0019-012-001-001-001-1Advanced QoS Module
Management ModuleSoftware
A0019-013-001-001-001-1Management Module
Multi-WAN ModuleSoftware
A0019-014-001-001-001-1Multi-WAN Module
IG 4200
250 Device License UpgradeLicenseA0020-008-001-001-001-1IG 4200 250 Device License Upgrade
Max up to 3000 Dev Lic
Conversion to IG 4200 – InfinityLicenseA0020-009-001-001-001-1Applicable for IG 4200 with 3000 Dev Lic only
Payment ModuleSoftware
A0020-010-001-001-001-1Payment Module
Property Management System Billing ModuleSoftwareA0020-011-001-001-001-1Property Management System Billing Module
Volume Control ModuleSoftwareA0020-012-001-001-001-1Volume Control Module
Radius Support ModuleSoftwareA0020-013-001-001-001-1Radius authentication, authorization and accounting Module
Lawful Intercept ModuleSoftware
A0020-014-001-001-001-1Lawful Intercept Module
Advanced QoS  ModuleSoftwareA0020-015-001-001-001-1Advanced QoS Module
Multi-WAN ModuleSoftwareA0020-016-001-001-001-1Multi-WAN Module
Professional Services
Web Development per man-dayPS
A0012-001-001-001-001-1Web Development per man-day
Onsite Gateway InstallationPSA0012-002-001-001-001-1Onsite Gateway Installation
Remote Gateway InstallationPSA0012-003-001-001-001-1Remote Gateway Installation
Annual API SupportPSA0014-001-001-001-001-1Annual API Support
Online Product Training (4hrs)PSA0014-002-001-001-001-1Online Product Training (4hrs)
IG 4100 Software Care (Year 2 and 3)MaintenanceA0019-015-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
IG 4100  Hardware Care (Year 2 and 3)MaintenanceA0019-016-001-001-001-1Standard HW RMA. Power adapter not included in this warranty
IG 4100 Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)MaintenanceA0019-017-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Standard HW RMA. Power adapter not included in this warranty
IG 4100  Software Care (Year 4 and 5)MaintenanceA0019-018-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Requires Software Care or Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)
IG 4100 Hardware Care (Year 4 and 5)MaintenanceA0019-019-001-001-001-1Standard HW RMA. Power adapter not included in this warranty
Requires Hardware Care or Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)
IG 4100 Premium Care (Year 4 and 5)MaintenanceA0019-020-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription,
Standard HW RMA. Power adapter not included in this warranty
Requires Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)
Promotion: IG 4100 Upfront Purchase of Care Plan
Promo: Upfront Software Care (2nd and 3rd Year) (IG 4100 only)MaintenanceA0014-001-001-001-014-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Promo: Upfront Premium Care Bundle (2nd and 3rd Year) (IG 4100 only)MaintenanceA0014-002-001-001-014-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Standard HW RMA. Power adapter not included in this warranty
Promo: Upfront Software Care (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year) (IG 4100 only)MaintenanceA0014-003-001-001-014-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Promo: Upfront Premium Care Bundle (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year) (IG 4100 only)MaintenanceA0014-004-001-001-014-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Standard HW RMA. Power adapter not included in this warranty
IG 4200 Care Plan
IG 4200 Software Care (Year 2 and 3)MaintenanceA0020-042-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
IG 4200 Hardware Care (Year 2 and 3)MaintenanceA0020-043-001-001-001-1Advanced RMA
IG 4200 Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)MaintenanceA0020-044-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription, Advanced RMA
IG 4200 Software Care (Year 4 and 5)MaintenanceA0020-045-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Requires Software Care or Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)
IG 4200 Hardware Care (Year 4 and 5)MaintenanceA0020-046-001-001-001-1Advanced RMA
Requires Hardware Care or Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)
IG 4200 Premium Care (Year 4 and 5)MaintenanceA0020-047-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription, Advanced RMA
Requires Premium Care (Year 2 and 3)
IG 4200 Premium Care (Year 6)MaintenanceA0020-048-001-001-001-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription, Advanced RMA
Requires  Premium Care  (Year 4 and 5)
Promotion: IG 4200 Upfront Purchase of Care Plan
Promo: Upfront Software Care (2nd and 3rd Year) (IG 4200 only)MaintenanceA0014-001-001-001-009-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Promo: Upfront Premium Care Bundle (2nd and 3rd Year) (IG 4200 only)MaintenanceA0014-003-001-001-009-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription, Advanced RMA
Promo: Upfront Software Care (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year) (IG 4200 only)MaintenanceA0014-002-001-001-009-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription
Promo: Upfront Premium Care Bundle (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year) (IG 4200 only)MaintenanceA0014-004-001-001-009-1ANTlabs Cloud Services (Starter) subscription, 24 x 7 phone, email support, software subscription, Advanced RMA
ANTLabs Support Checklist for End of Life E-Series gateways 

Support Components

24 x 7 Phone Support

ANTlabs will provide telephone support for any Product covered by this T&C Document. Such support will consist of responding to trouble calls as reasonably required to make the Product perform as described in the current product specifications. Customer support will be provided in accordance with ANTlabs’ support policies that are found in the document Product Support Policies and Procedures.

All support cases are handled directly by trained support engineers:

  • Phone: +65 6100-SUPP (+65 6100-7877)
  • For US Customer: +1-858-217-5147
24 x 7 Email Support

ANTlabs will provide support via email ( for any Product covered by this T&C Document.

Software Subscription

Customer is entitled, at no charge, to software patches/updates of covered products, such as bug fixes and new releases that are generally made available at no additional cost to ANTlabs’ customers that have a valid product software subscription for the relevant time period. The foregoing right shall not include any options, upgrades or future products which ANTlabs or third party vendors charge for as a separate product or where Customer’s installed hardware platform has no further upgrades available according to either (i) the applicable product release notes provided with each release or (ii) a written end-of-life announcement communicated to Customer by ANTlabs. ANTlabs is not obligated to provide hardware upgrades to ensure compatibility with new software versions of its products or to ensure that new software versions of its products are compatible with outdated hardware platforms.

Standard Hardware (HW) RMA

Under this option, the customer can report a faulty hardware unit to ANTlabs support. Upon confirmation of the hardware fault, the standard HW RMA process will trigger. A new replacement unit will be shipped out to the customer when ANTlabs receives the faulty unit.

Customer is responsible for backing up, properly storing configuration files and implementation of those setting on the replacement hardware.  The replacement system will be new or refurbished at the discretion of ANTlabs.

Advanced Hardware (HW) RMA

This is an enhancement to Hardware RMA, which improves the turn-around time for the customer.  Under this option, a new replacement unit is shipped out to the customer on the next business day (Singapore) after completion of troubleshooting when ANTlabs support accepts and logs a system hardware fault before 16:00 (Singapore Time) Monday to Friday.

Customer is responsible for backing up, properly storing configuration files and implementation of those setting on the replacement hardware.  The replacement system will be new or refurbished at the discretion of ANTlabs.  RMA unit receives a thirty (30) day hardware warranty or the remainder of the original hardware warranty or active maintenance contract, whichever is longer.

The faulty unit must be returned to ANTlabs authorized distributor within twenty (20) days.  If not, the full purchase price will be charged to the customer.

NBD (Next Business Day) Onsite Servicing

This is an advanced hardware replacement / servicing option whereby replacements parts and our support engineer are sent to customer site on the next business day upon confirmation of RMA.  This support option can place a certified engineer at the customer’s location the following business day, after completion of troubleshooting when ANTlabs support accepts and logs a system hardware fault before 16:00 Monday to Friday, subject to parts availability.  Service is performed on-site at the customer’s location and is available Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 excluding normally observed local holidays.

The End User information (customer name, address, contact number) must be present to activate this level of RMA.  Refer to the ANTlabs Support Portal or Appendix A for a sample of the form. Incorrect or incomplete information about the End User will result in this service delivery and may affect the promised service level agreement.

In addition, this level of RMA service is only applicable to products purchased in the specific supported countries and will not apply to parallel-imported units. For example, for a unit purchased in the US, onsite support can only be provided to an address in the US.   Refer to ANTlabs Support Portal or Appendix B for the most current list of supported countries.  For countries not in the supported list, the support level will fall back to the Hardware RMA (replacement) option detailed above.

All claims filed for hardware units that fail will be repaired at the discretion of ANTlabs. RMA parts / components receive a sixty (60) day hardware warranty or the remainder of the original hardware warranty or active maintenance contract, whichever is longer.

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